Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Coming out

Sorry Bill, sorry Meaders. I may think of myself as a revolutionary anti-state Marxist, but when it comes down to it I'm just another wet liberal:

Who should you vote for?

Your expected outcome:


Your actual outcome:

Labour -22
Conservative -57
Liberal Democrat 90
UK Independence Party -4
Green 43
You should vote: Liberal Democrat

Hmmm. Can't help wondering what would happen if we ran those questions against the positions of Bill's World Socialism but only if you're really, really sure party, or the don't mention the M-word Socialist Party, or even (mutter, mumble) R*sp*ct...


Blogger Meaders said...

I'm amazed - really amazed - at the number of people who come up Lib Dem on that thing.

15/4/05 13:33  
Blogger Phil said...

It's extraordinary, isn't it? I can only put it down to a combination of prompting - it lists quite a lot of specifically Lib Dem positions, which is unusual - and the fact that the Labour- and Tory-specific policies which are prompted for are mostly so bloody awful. (That and the fact that they're ignoring... um... any parties from a socialist tradition.)

15/4/05 18:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My expected result was Lib Dems but, like every similar test I've taken so far, this test told me I was closest to the Greens. I think the ultimate cause is the tension between the traditional political spectrum and the current arrangement of the parties. There is a huge vaccume on the left of the spectrum, and if you're in that area - as, I suspect, half the electorate is - you're probably going to be closer to the centrist Lib Dems than to any other party.

26/4/05 03:34  
Blogger ReasonInRevolt said...

On that I expected Green but got Lib Dems - but that is according to the poll and our analysis ( says otherwise...

Check this poll out:

27/4/05 04:11  

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