Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Games without frontiers

Victor S. has an excellent piece expanding on this column by George Monbiot. It's about a truly bizarre - but entirely real - attempt to weaken workers' rights and protections across Europe, in the name of 'harmonisation'. (Nice word, 'harmonisation'. Victor's piece is very good on 'harmonisation'.) Meaders' comment on this is worth a look, too.

Anyway, what really struck me about the Monbiot column was this:

For those of us who recognise that absolute sovereignty is impossible in the face of globalisation, and that ours is not a choice between alignment and isolation but a choice between alignment with Europe or alignment with the United States, his proposal suggests that we might as well give up: either way we get market fundamentalism.

What, so supporting the Social Chapter and laughing at Kilroy and being a good European isn't enough? You mean... >gasp<... the struggle will have to... continue?



Anonymous dearkitty said...

Hi; big demonstration against this in Brussels 19 March:


15/3/05 17:34  
Blogger irritant said...

On a related issue, Charlie Whelan recently reported that Tony Blair wanted to ditch Labour's promise on creating a minimum wage.

23/3/05 23:52  

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