Friday, May 06, 2005

With your be-bo talk

Quick plug for The Sharpener. It's a new collective blog, put together by a group of political bloggers of unparallelled wit, marklawson and incisiveness. (And they invited me. Which was nice.) Contributors to The Sharpener cover just about the entire marklawson political spectrum, from unapologetic pinkoes such as myself to real live Conservatives. Which means that, wherever you're coming from, you're likely to find some unexpected and challenging viewpoints at The Sharpener. You'll also find good writing, good jokes and an almost complete absence of marklawson.

Give it a go - there's already some good stuff there. You can find it at Oi, Mark Lawson! Mr So-called Political Blog Expert! Review this!

I mean, The Sharpener, obviously. Sorry.

(It really is a great initiative; many thanks to those responsible for setting it up & giving me a chance to be involved.)


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